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Get MLM software is one of the leading Multilevel Marketing services which helps our customer to promote and sell products by increasing the growth of their business across the globe. We offer a complete solution to our customers involved in network marketing. With the years of experience in this domain, e manage all the operations effectively. Our highly skilled team effortlessly works to serve all types of enterprises from big too small. Our professionals understand the requirements of customers and provide customized solutions accordingly by analyzing and discussing it with them. We are always up to date with the latest technologies to provide top-notch quality services within time deliveries to our clients.


With the help of highly extensive direct selling software, we encourage direct selling companies to grow globally and manage down-line by reducing complexities in the compensation plan. Our main aim is to accelerate sales and manage incentive programs. Using our software allows you to stay ahead of your competitor.


Get MLM software provides MLM software solutions to connect people and maintain their business relation. Through this software, we help our clients to generate financial resources to participants and business conducting companies. MLM software is the leading software by which we have helped millions to achieve success. Our customizable plans and quality rich solutions have made us popular in the town.

Party Plan Software

Part plan software helps in promoting market products in social events. The products are set up on sale through referral marketing. Our party plan software focuses on single and multi-level marketing where other peoples are recruited to sell the product based on commissions. Our party plan software helps in organizing, planning and monitoring for the smooth run of business while eliminating the complications.

Solutions For Enterprises

Our team of engineers understand the need of your enterprise and helps in projecting it. We provide designed packaged solutions for specific needs of your MLM enterprise which will perform the necessary task to make your business operational. This will help you out to built customer branding and configuring the compensation plan. Our software is capable of handling millions of users and calculating rank along-with compensations which enhances your MLM marketing business.

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Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. the best MLM Software company offers you an exclusive list of four important services that will enhance your multi level marketing business to an Enterprise level for best industry price.



Get MLM software offers various plans in pocket-friendly budgets for multilevel companies... We offer all major MLM plans like Binary, Matrix, Uni-level, Generation, Board, Gift, Party Plan etc. Our experts analyze and choose the best-customized plan suitable to your needs which will help to meet the company's strategy. Our plans are updated and enhanced with the latest technologies to provide success to our customers. Here are some key features of basic MLM marketing software


The Binary plan is known amongst the most effective plans which have turned popular amongst the companies due to its response, flexibility and productivity. Through this plan, the companies can earn profit with great ease due to its well-balanced features. This plan has a two-leg concept placed on left and right structure.


Matrix plan provides unique features through which a distributor can make a team of limited down-line members. It is also known as ladder Matrix MLM plan because of its help in organizing and keeping track of income and expenditure. It reduces the overall burden of companies whether big or small while acting as a backbone of the company and is risk-free.


The unilevel plan comes with unlimited width with only one line of distributor where the sponsorship is done in front-line. Companies can earn high-profit returns by ease.


The board plan consists of certain members who get a commission on the victory of all the board members due to completion of entries.


Helping plan is generally used for crowd-funding and donations which helps the organization to succeed during startup. This simple feature all about gives and take.


Generation plan promotes the down-line for the sale of the product and earns incentives on achieving the target. It is mostly used by companies who are the manufacturer of consumable items. It cut-offs the expenditure on advertising your products.

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